Elle was exactly what I was looking for. As a single mother transitioning from a corporate job to self-employment with multiple income streams, a mortgage, and investments at several institutions, my taxes had become quite complicated. Elle made the whole process really easy. Even from several states away she was able to figure out all of the nuances of my particular situation. I felt relaxed through all of it and don’t dread tax time anymore!

– Karin Reed Consulting LLC
Cincinnati, OH

I’ve been to several accountants in the past but Asbury Tax is by far the best. The office is conveniently located and exceptionally neat and clean. Elizabeth was very professional but also laid back which made my visit very comfortable. She was very informative and prepped me on what I needed before I even went to her office, which by the way I didn’t even have to wait when I arrived. She was ready and waiting for me right on time. I’ll be back next year for sure!

– Luann Foy
Lambertville, NJ

I never thought I would have that “match made in Heaven” feeling with my accountant, but I do! I made a fabulous decision when I hired Elle and two years later I could not be happier. Elle is top notch in her field and I have the utmost confidence in her knowledge and abilities.

– Corinne Zupko
Inner Balance Life Coaching & Consulting, LLC
Asbury Park, NJ

Elizabeth has been doing my and my son’s taxes for the past few years. She is professional, friendly, knowledgeable, timely and super easy to work with. She gets right back to me when I have questions and I know I won’t have to worry about things not being done. Well worth the money!

– Sarah Joy
Portland, OR

I came to Elizabeth at the 11th hour filled with anxiety, stress and complete uncertainty as of where I should start in order to get my new business and taxes in order. She took it all in stride and walked me through how we would handle everything. I could not believe she decided to take me on at the last minute but she did without hesitation and she literally took a huge weight off my shoulders, so I could go back to focusing on my business. She was always super nice, responsive, extremely patient and explained everything thoroughly. I never thought I would see the light at the end to the tax tunnel, but Elizabeth did a phenomenal job of handling my taxes. The time and research she put into my situation was amazing.

She also provided a lot of other important insight on things like finances, where to save, etc. I can’t say enough wonderful things about her as both a professional accountant and person. I would recommend her to ANYONE looking for tax assistance!

– Meghan Carroll
Asbury Park, NJ

Elizabeth is THE person to work with whether you are a new business owner, or an existing business owner OR if you simply want to work with someone SUPER knowledgeable about all things taxes through the year. She is incredibly well versed in all things personal and businesses taxes. Her personality is calm, friendly, and bright. Everytime I meet with her, I am left feeling like my day instantly got better.

If the person filing your taxes for business or personal doesn’t inspire you to be even greater than you already are, call Elizabeth. I promise you when you are done speaking with her, you will be scheduling your next appointment and walking out feeling like a million dollars.

– Marina Vorobyeva
Eatontown, NJ

I have been using Asbury Tax Advisors for my business and personal income tax returns for three years. Elizabeth Riker is professional and efficient. I have a real sense of security knowing there’s always quality advice as my personal investments change and my business grows. Personally, or as a potential new business owner, I couldn’t recommend Asbury Tax Advisors enough as perfect support for your new venture or personal tax needs.

– Frank Danieli
City & Sea Lifestyle Concierge
Asbury Park, NJ

When I felt overwhelmed and wasn’t sure I was doing anything right Elizabeth was both reassuring and encouraging helping to get my small business in order properly. When we decided to have her do our joint taxes, it was a joy to know that they were being handled by a knowledgeable professional. 10/10 Recommend Asbury Tax!!

– Karen & Christopher Bellitto
Shiny Happy Dangles
Freehold, NJ

Elizabeth is incredible, plain and simple. For my husband/business partner and I, managing and understanding taxes does not come easy when you put it on top of everything else you’re focusing on as a wedding photographer. Elizabeth was extremely patient when explaining every element of filing as an LLC, and also when helping to pick up all of the pieces from our very messy taxes the year prior. She also never judged us over the madness we walked into her office with, and was nothing short of kind during the entire process. We have never been in a better place with organization and understand before, and we highly recommend!!

– Kelsey & Rich Weinberger
The Black Fox Photography
Boonton, NJ

Deciding to work with Elle has absolutely been one of the best business decisions my wife Kate and I have made. As a small business owner, it can be hard to decide to pay people to do things you *think* you can do yourself, adding yet another expense. However, working with Elle has saved us hours and hours of time, saved us money (with tax deductions we didn’t know about), and most importantly saved us immeasurable stress! Knowing all the financials will always just be done AND be done right is priceless!

– Ryan and Kaitlin Eckert
Opal & Jaye Photography
Brick, NJ

Elle is FANTASTIC! Not only did she answer *all* of my questions and help me get my LLC in order, but she is the best of the best when it comes to getting taxes done RIGHT. I will never go anywhere else!

– Jenna Murphy
Okie Dokie Studio, LLC
Asbury Park, NJ

Asbury Tax is an excellent accounting firm to work with. Elizabeth provides good client service. From the beginning I felt that I was in good hands. I appreciated that I was not judged for the lapsed time on filing back taxes. Elizabeth is understanding, trustworthy, and efficient. She makes solid recommendations or gives you a great resource. I would highly recommend Asbury Tax for any service that they offer.

– Mailani Benjamin
Asbury Park, NJ

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